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Cheers! Collect stamps on your Good Cheer Trail passport by visiting our wineries, craft breweries, cideries and distilleries. This map of trail stops will help you sip your way across the province. *Check in to trail stops with your paper passport (available at all trail stop locations) or use the digital passport.

Hop on Nova Scotia’s Good Cheer Trail to find out!

Gather your stamps at trail stops featuring tours, tastings, and special events. From tasting this year’s vintage of Tidal Bay wines, to learning how craft beer is made, or sampling single malt whisky straight from the cask, the Good Cheer Trail offers a mix of education and adventure all over the province.

Start collecting stamps today! Pick up a paper passport at trail stop locations or log in here to use our digital passport.

* For best results on a mobile device, enable your location settings and connect to a wireless network.

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  4. Collect Your Prizes

Collect 10 stamps on the Good Cheer Trail to receive a free t-shirt designed by local artist Eric Miller, from Dartmouth Clothing Co.

* Collect 10 stamps on the Good Cheer or Seafood Trails to redeem for your free t-shirt.