Follow the Trails. Capture the Moments. Collect the Stamps. Get the Prizes.

Let the stories behind Nova Scotia’s unforgettable food and drink inspire you to explore our province — with taste, adventure and passion as your guides. Crafted by family traditions, compelling history, and exciting innovation, our culinary trails reveal Nova Scotia’s past, present and future.

Looking to tap into something new on our Good Cheer Trail? Collect stamps by visiting our stunning wine region, trying a craft beer tasting, or taking a distillery tour.

Discover what you’ll crack open on our Seafood Trails. Collect stamps by tasting classic seafood chowder, ordering fish and chips, diving into a lobster boil or trying freshly shucked oysters — it’s time to let adventure out of its shell.

Visit a Trail Stop and start collecting stamps today.

How to get
a stamp

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  2. Check In at Your Present Location
  3. Upload a Photo of Food or Drink at Your Location to Get Your Stamp
  4. Collect Your Prizes

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