Destination Types

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Signature Seafood Menu Items

Restaurants on the trail offer a wide range of menu items showcasing fresh Nova Scotia seafood products. Signature menu items on the Seafood Trail might include a take on classic lobster roll, a seafood pasta, a bowl of steamed mussels served in a unique sauce or fish and chips. Browse restaurant listings to explore signature menu items to plot your next stop on the Seafood Trail.

Seafood Chowders

What better way to taste Nova Scotia than to enjoy a bowl of seafood chowder. Restaurants take the finest seafood from our cold, clean waters and pair it with produce from our lush fertile valleys. Chowders on the Seafood Trail vary widely. One thing that they all share in common is that they are made from scratch and include fresh Nova Scotia seafood products.

Live Nova Scotia Lobster

Nothing beats a live whole lobster in the shell. Restaurants featuring live lobster will steam or boil your lobster fresh to order. Some of these restaurants even include live lobster tanks where you can select the perfect lobster for your dinner.

Oyster Bars

Restaurants in the category will feature a selection of Nova Scotia oysters throughout the season freshly shucked to order. Oyster bars are the perfect way to a variety of oysters from different coastal regions throughout the province.

Seafood Experience

Lobster Suppers

Community lobster suppers are the quintessential Nova Scotia seafood experience. Located throughout rural Nova Scotia, these suppers offer an authentic and unpretentious way to enjoy fresh live lobster in a festive environment.

Independent Seafood Shops

While on the Seafood Trail a stop at an independent seafood shop to learn most about the seafood products offered in Nova Scotia. Whether is live lobster, fresh haddock or plump and juicy scallops, a visit to a shop on the Seafood Trail is a must if you’re picking up supplies for a seafood feast with friends and family.

Seafood Producers

Visit actual seafood producers throughout Nova Scotia to learn more about harvesting and processing of various species. A visit to a seafood producer may also include sampling opportunities and a chance to buy directly from the source.


Make it a daytrip (or a weekend getaway) and leave the driving to someone else. One of the best ways to experience the Seafood Trail is to book an excursion with one of our local tour companies: