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What Will You Tap Into?

Beer | Cider | Spirits | Wine

What will you tap into? Hop on Nova Scotia’s Good Cheer Trail to find out! Gather your stamps at trail stops featuring tours, tastings, and special events. From tasting this year’s vintage of Tidal Bay wines, to learning how craft beer is made. or sampling single malt whiskey straight from the cask, the Good Cheer Trail offers a mix of education and adventure all over the province.

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What Will You Crack Open?

Chowder | Lobster | Oysters | Fish & Chips

What will you crack open on Nova Scotia’s Seafood Trails Experience the province’s seafood like never before, with trail stops at restaurants and retail shops. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Whether it’s a stop on the Chowder Trail, Lobster Trail, Oyster Trail, or Fish & Chips Trail, it’s time to let adventure out of its shell and truly get a taste of Nova Scotia.